Top Five Most Creative Uses For QR Codes

Lately it seems like QR codes are everywhere, even in Windsor! We’ve seen Bozii Restaurant use one as a window decal in the front of their shop to share information with passers-by, we’ve seen Workforce Windsor-Essex use them on their business cards and even we’ve used them, attached to pumpkins to promote our launch last fall. There’s no doubt that QR codes are changing the way we share information. They are a great asset to businesses and are fun for consumers with smart phones but what about all the QR code stories that never seem to make it into mainstream news? If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further!

QR Code Tattoo
So you’ve gone out to the bar with your friends. You start talking to a few people and suddenly you’re being asked for your phone number. Not to worry! Just hike up your shirt and have them scan your personal QR code tattoo.

QR Code Made Of Sand
There are some decent beaches in this area and once the weather warms up it’s not uncommon to find many people out exploring areas such as Point Pelee. But when’s the last time you walked along the water and stumbled across a QR code made of sand?! Apparently in Tokyo, its no big deal.

QR Codes On Shoes
North American shoe retailer John Fluevog, has taken QR codes to mainstream retail and they’ve done a great job! They’ve placed QR codes on the insoles of their new shoes and when you scan them, they link directly to a video which shows consumers how the shoe was made! Talk about providing real value with a QR code!

QR Code Hotel
In Dubai, Project Code, a hotel that will look like a massive QR code, is well underway. The photo below will show you what the hotel will look like when it’s complete. Although it’s extremely impressive, the purpose is unclear and is most likely purely for design. Whether or not it will be scannable remains a mystery, but either way, you can’t ignore how cool it is!

QR Code T-shirts
Who doesn’t love meeting new people? Imagine talking a walk downtown in your customized QR code t-shirt and allowing strangers to scan your code and be added to your Facebook friend list. An interesting Facebook app/QR code mashup allows you to do just that!

QR Codes Going Mainstream

The process of exchanging information just got a lot more sophisticated! QR codes have finally made their way into mainstream marketing tactics in North America and are beginning to spark curiosity amongst consumers and business people alike.

In countries like Japan, QR codes are used on everything imaginable to provide consumers with necessary information at their fingertips. Imagine, no more searching for a sales associate!

In mid-July New York City garbage trucks took the leap and began featuring QR codes on their trucks. The codes, when photographed with a mobile phone, will direct people to a video from NYC Media’s show The Green Apple: Recycling. QR codes like the ones used on New York City garbage trucks require users to download a special application in order to be re-directed. To read the code, the user simply takes a photo after launching the application and the software will trigger a specific response depending on the code. Some codes may launch a URL in the phone’s browser, some may download a video, provide a message etc.

Electronic retail giant Best Buy has managed to make their weekly circulars more interactive by including QR codes that do anything from linking to more valuable information to allowing consumers to view trailers for a new video game.

As more companies begin to adopt this technology, opportunities arise for new types of interaction and in turn, new types of QR codes. Text- message-based 2d codes may win the hearts of consumers in the long run as they require no downloading. When you look at the stats, it’s hard to ignore the fact that within the US cellular market alone, 68.7 million people use text messaging and 75% of mobile phone users have a standard phone, which wouldn’t allow them to download an application, but it would allow them to text message.

Only time will tell which QR codes will stick around for the long run. In the meantime retailers are beginning to explore their options and the ultimate result will be an enhanced experience for all consumers.