Blab Media Welcomes Interns!

We love doing what we do, there’s no doubt about that, but now we get to share the experience with two interns who are diving head first into our world of social media. We’re excited to share our passion with other young people in the city and to give them an opportunity that most didn’t think was attainable in Windsor. As entrepreneurs who grew up in this city and went to school here, we understand the pressure to pursue a future in other cities like Toronto where opportunities seem to be bountiful. We know first hand what it’s like to crave a successful future working in the field we studied and we know what boundaries and obstacles lie in the way for Windsor graduates. It’s because of this that we strive to retain local talent by showing these young people what opportunities Windsor-Essex offers and how they can be leveraged for success.

Cristina PhotoThinking about your future can be a scary concept, and unfortunately in Windsor-Essex, often times those thoughts involve leaving the city. One of our interns, Cristina Matteis, knows all too well the pressure associated with graduating. She is currently a third year Advertising student at St. Clair College Centre For The Arts and wants to explore her options before deciding on an internship location and venturing out into the workplace. She knows social media is an important aspect of any marketing strategy so when presented with the opportunity, she came to Blab Media to learn more about Windsor businesses and their social habits. Cristina brings to our team a broad range of knowledge, a strong work ethic and a bright personality that shines through in any situation.

Natalie Bio PicGaining experience in the industry can be a key element when it comes to getting a job in any field. Natalie Lahoud, our second intern, doesn’t take this lightly and values the experience and the opportunities that are often presented when the initiative is taken to further your knowledge. A graduate from the Odette School of Business, Natalie knows the ins and outs of the corporate world but her love for social media was never something she could explore in the classroom. She found Blab Media online and knew that her chance to explore the corporate world of social media was within reach. Natalie brings to our team a strong business background and a a go-getter attitude that is sure to be contagious!

We look forward to working alongside both of these talented young girls and helping them realize their own potential and the potential this city has to offer them in the future. Welcome to Blab Media Cristina and Natalie!