Blab! Brings Social Media To Downtown Windsor

For a month now we’ve been planning out the details, putting together Ikea furniture, organizing our belongings and counting down the days until we officially became a tenant at The House. After much anticipation, the day has finally arrived! Today is our first day in the new office and even though the last month has been a whirlwind, all our hard work has finally come together. We’re excited to bring social media to downtown Windsor and we’re hoping to contribute to the revitalization of the area!

The House itself has a lot of character and charm so it wasn’t difficult for us to settle in. With a little paint and some new furniture and accessories, we were able to transform the space into a new home well suited to our eclectic and colourful personalities. Take a look at the before, during and after photos to get a better idea of our transformation and let us know what you think! If you’re interested in discussing social media or you just want to say hi, feel free to stop by.







Blab! Media Is Movin' Into the House!

Making the transition from home office to real office has been an adventure so far! As of August 1st, Blab! Media will be an official tenant at The House on the corner of Elliott and Pelissier downtown! We’re really excited that we finally have a place to call home! If you’ve never heard of The House before, it’s a social experiment that was originally launched by four local entrepreneurs. Over the past year it’s grown to be an innovation and collaboration hub that is quickly becoming a popular spot for creative-minded individuals.

Owners Rino Bortolin of Rino’s Kitchen and Shane Potvin of Spotvin Design are inviting the community to come out today between 2pm and 8pm. Chef Bortolin is celebrating the opening of a pub component to his restaurant, Rino’s Kitchen, and designer Shane Potvin (Spotvin) has completed two years in business. Blab! Media will be at The House all day mingling with old friends and making some new friends along the way and we’d love for you to join us! There will be live music in the garden, food, and some great local art on the walls featuring Sandi Wheaton’s recent Art Gallery of Windsor photography show: Promised Water / Promised Land. Coincidentally, The House is also looking for tenants to fill two hardwood-floored offices, and if you’re interested, you could be our new neighbours!

Be sure to stay tuned for more office updates and don’t miss your chance to catch a sneak-peek of Blab! Media’s new home! We love visitors so come on out and celebrate with us!

Windsor-Essex Celebrates Social Media Day!

All around the world people are coming together to celebrate social media. Today is a celebration of how social media has shaped our communities and created a fundamental shift in communication. It’s a day to celebrate our connectivity and to honour the platforms that have changed the way the world shares information. To get in on the action, Daryna Kulya, a business and computer science graduate from the University of Windsor and a local tech-savvy social networking advocate, supplied a location and began promoting the event. Local business, citizens and social media advocates such as ourselves have stepped up to help promote the event and organize a fun gathering for like-minded individuals.

As part of Social Media Day, WEtech Alliance, an organization focused on helping Windsor-Essex technology-centric companies succeed, spoke to multiple entrepreneurs who rely on social media services every day. The article mentions local businesses such as Spry, Spotvin, WindsorEats, Red Piston and of course, Blab! Media. Conducting our interview via Skype, we spoke with WEtech Intern Jason Viau, and had a chance to discuss how social media impacts our business and why it’s so important for other businesses to utilize its services. To read more and see what other local businesses have to say, click here for the full article.

While social media is alive and well in Windsor, there are still naysayers and traditional marketing professionals who are hesitant to explore this vast medium of possibilities. Education and a general knowledge of how social media works and what it offers could greatly benefit many Windsor-Essex businesses. In the future, Blab! Media will strive to provide the information these businesses so desperately need but for the time being, social media day is about sharing ideas and inspiration to help Windsor-Essex move forward.

The meetup will take place tonight (June 30th) at 6:00pm. It’s being held at Vermouth (333 Ouellette Ave) and anyone who wishes to attend is welcome! Please click here for more details.