Windsor-Essex Celebrates Social Media Day!

All around the world people are coming together to celebrate social media. Today is a celebration of how social media has shaped our communities and created a fundamental shift in communication. It’s a day to celebrate our connectivity and to honour the platforms that have changed the way the world shares information. To get in on the action, Daryna Kulya, a business and computer science graduate from the University of Windsor and a local tech-savvy social networking advocate, supplied a location and began promoting the event. Local business, citizens and social media advocates such as ourselves have stepped up to help promote the event and organize a fun gathering for like-minded individuals.

As part of Social Media Day, WEtech Alliance, an organization focused on helping Windsor-Essex technology-centric companies succeed, spoke to multiple entrepreneurs who rely on social media services every day. The article mentions local businesses such as Spry, Spotvin, WindsorEats, Red Piston and of course, Blab! Media. Conducting our interview via Skype, we spoke with WEtech Intern Jason Viau, and had a chance to discuss how social media impacts our business and why it’s so important for other businesses to utilize its services. To read more and see what other local businesses have to say, click here for the full article.

While social media is alive and well in Windsor, there are still naysayers and traditional marketing professionals who are hesitant to explore this vast medium of possibilities. Education and a general knowledge of how social media works and what it offers could greatly benefit many Windsor-Essex businesses. In the future, Blab! Media will strive to provide the information these businesses so desperately need but for the time being, social media day is about sharing ideas and inspiration to help Windsor-Essex move forward.

The meetup will take place tonight (June 30th) at 6:00pm. It’s being held at Vermouth (333 Ouellette Ave) and anyone who wishes to attend is welcome! Please click here for more details.

Tweets, Beats and Eats

If you’re a local Windsor business or entrepreneur Tweets Beats and Eats is a great way to get out and show your support for a local event while in turn networking and seeing how important and useful Twitter really is! This Wednesday, January 19th at 8:00pm, Windsoreats will be hosting Tweets, Beats and Eats at Motorburger on Erie Street. The annual event encourages guests to use Twitter during their meal to express their thoughts. The tweets are then shown live on screens that are placed around the restaurant so everyone can see what’s being said. Check out the video of last year’s event documented by Windsor Eats.

It’s easy to think that Windsor is falling behind and that no one really grasps the concept of social media but thankfully, that’s no longer true. This event is unique because it’s based on pure entertainment and I think Windsor needs more of that in the future. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about a solid business strategy and a serious networking event, but sometimes people just want to have fun. I think enabling people to interact with these social media platforms in a fun and relaxed environment is the best way for them to learn and really experience using the tools that can help improve their business.

If awesome social media events can happen in big cities like Toronto, why can’t they happen here? Hopefully 2011 will bring a change of attitude for everyone and a new outlook on the possibilities in Windsor. I see an amazing amount of opportunity in a small city where people are eager to learn, adapt and keep up with the big cities. Just because we’re small doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and explore social media in new ways! I think it’s time that people start to set higher goals for Windsor and put their faith in its entrepreneurs and small businesses to set the city apart from all others. There is so much potential here but a lot of it remains untapped and we hope that the New Year will bring about courage in the citizens of Windsor, courage to think outside the box and push the boundaries so we can show this country what we’re made of!

Create Your Own Social Media Newspaper

Have you ever wanted to pick up a newspaper that had articles you were actually interested in reading? Well perhaps a quick visit to is in order. can arrange all the links you’ve shared on your twitter account into a beautifully organized, easy to read, newspaper-style format. You can create custom papers based on hashtags, lists or your entire Twitter account. You can also create a paper based on your Facebook account using the same premise.

Local culinary adventurers, Windsor Eats, have established their own foodie newspaper and share it with their followers on Twitter. The Windsor Eats Daily is comprised of interesting articles about food from all over the internet. Be sure to check them out @Windsoreats and say up to date with the latest trends and taste bud teasers!

If you’re not too fond of the content on your own pages, you can visit the website and search for your favourite twitter accounts to see if they have newspapers you can read. It’s a great way to keep up to date with all the people you follow, especially if you don’t have time to go through individual tweets on a daily basis. You can even search by topic to find some interesting new people and stories.

Newspapers based on lists are also a great way to focus on a certain topic. You can create custom lists on your Twitter account that allow you to group together certain people for whatever reason you choose. If you’re running a local bakery and your twitter account isn’t the most interesting thing on the planet, you can create a custom list from people you follow such as other bakeries/bakers and compile their tweets into a unique custom newspaper that focuses on what you do best, baking! The same premise applies to food, electronics, or any other niche Twitter category.

If you want a custom newspaper based on a certain topic like Lady Gaga’s meat dress (you never know!), you can group the related hash tags together to create a paper that includes different articles or opinions about her risky outfit. This would work for any topic on Twitter and the opportunities are abundant.

These custom newspapers are a unique way to share information especially across a platform that’s so bogged down with updates every 5 seconds. It can be hard to keep up with recent tweets, especially if you follow a lot of people! has created an interesting concept that merges traditional media (organized and structured), with social media (spontaneous and frequent) to create the perfect combination. Regardless of the medium, news will always be a static influence in our lives and it’s refreshing to see companies like thinking outside of the box and developing a new process of sharing information online.