Tweets, Beats and Eats

If you’re a local Windsor business or entrepreneur Tweets Beats and Eats is a great way to get out and show your support for a local event while in turn networking and seeing how important and useful Twitter really is! This Wednesday, January 19th at 8:00pm, Windsoreats will be hosting Tweets, Beats and Eats at Motorburger on Erie Street. The annual event encourages guests to use Twitter during their meal to express their thoughts. The tweets are then shown live on screens that are placed around the restaurant so everyone can see what’s being said. Check out the video of last year’s event documented by Windsor Eats.

It’s easy to think that Windsor is falling behind and that no one really grasps the concept of social media but thankfully, that’s no longer true. This event is unique because it’s based on pure entertainment and I think Windsor needs more of that in the future. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about a solid business strategy and a serious networking event, but sometimes people just want to have fun. I think enabling people to interact with these social media platforms in a fun and relaxed environment is the best way for them to learn and really experience using the tools that can help improve their business.

If awesome social media events can happen in big cities like Toronto, why can’t they happen here? Hopefully 2011 will bring a change of attitude for everyone and a new outlook on the possibilities in Windsor. I see an amazing amount of opportunity in a small city where people are eager to learn, adapt and keep up with the big cities. Just because we’re small doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and explore social media in new ways! I think it’s time that people start to set higher goals for Windsor and put their faith in its entrepreneurs and small businesses to set the city apart from all others. There is so much potential here but a lot of it remains untapped and we hope that the New Year will bring about courage in the citizens of Windsor, courage to think outside the box and push the boundaries so we can show this country what we’re made of!


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