The Blab Revolution

Social media may very well be a revolution and when its powers are harnessed properly, it has the ability to change the way people interact with brands and businesses alike. From small town coffee shops to multi-billion dollar corporations, social media has torn down the barrier between customers and CEOs and at this rate, businesses can’t afford to ignore it.

To some, it’s a pass time for their teenage children and to others it’s a world of social interaction. Regardless of the individual definition, social media is a diamond in the rough and ever since the introduction of Facebook in 2004, it has exploded into a national phenomenon.

It’s easy to take social media for granted but when you think of the limitless creative possibilities, the sophisticated targeting, and the personal interaction, no other media platform can compete. We are living in an age of information and should consider ourselves lucky that we understand and grasp the power of this new communication tool.

At Blab! Media we are passionate about social media and marketing. We truly believe that the combination can either make or break a business and that by adopting social media you are opening yourself up to your target market. You don’t need to be fancy and high-tech; you just need to be real. More than anything else, social media is allowing businesses to step out of their corporate offices, roll up their sleeves and actually talk to the consumers that buy their products or use their services. It is insight, interaction and inspiration.

Get ready to devise a strategy, brand your business, create a presence online, develop relationships with your consumers and ultimately, put a plan in place to secure a solid footing for the future. At Blab! Media we know that small towns have big personalities and sometimes all they need is a little push in the right direction; because your business should do more than just exist, it should prosper!


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