"Tweet" And "Social Media" Added To Merriam-Webster Dictionary

It’s official, social media has integrated itself into our everyday lives! Merriam-Webster has added the words “tweet” and “social media” to it’s Collegiate dictionary further proving that this is no fad. Just last week The Oxford English Dictionary also added “tweet,” “retweet,” and even “sext”! Surprisingly though, both are a little late in the game considering that Collins English Dictionary added “Twitter” as a verb and a noun in 2009!

The words “Tweet” and “Social Media” were two of 150 words that were added to the best-selling dictionary. This was the first time Merriam-Webster added new terms since 2009 when they included “vlog,” “webisode,” “flash mob,” and “pdf.” New words are added based on how frequently they are used and how many different sources are using them.

In the years to come, dictionaries could be full of social media terms. It’ll be interesting to see what’s incorporated in the future!

What other social media terms do you think should be added to dictionaries?


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