Social Media Changing How Businesses Recruit Talent

Every single day thousands of businesses are using social media to recruit talent online. Linkedin still rules the web as the place to be for employers, but more companies are now starting to use Facebook and Twitter to find employees as well. Check out this infographic below to see how social media has changed the way businesses recruit talent. As a business do you use social media to find employees? Which platforms do you find most effective?

businesses recruiting via social media




  • I’ve seen this infographic on so many sites now; it’s such a great visual. I find LinkedIn, of course, to be most effective, because of its professional environment and it’s mastery in the field of recruiting. Recruiting on Facebook is a good strategy too, though, but just because of the millions more users on there than there are on LinkedIn. I’m not so sure if Facebook’s upcoming jobs feature will surpass LinkedIn, although it could very well be a threat.

    • Linkedin is definitely the current winner when it comes to recruiting tools! It’ll be interesting to see how the other big players incorporate new tools and options into their existing framework in an attempt to help businesses with the recruiting process.

  • Hi Katie!

    I enjoyed the post and have fallen in love with infographs. Were the stats from stateside?
    Also, I find it funny that companies rely on social media to recruit people, but only 48% of companies have integrated social media into their business model. I’m sure all of that will change by the end of this year.
    Thanks for the read! I look forward to viewing more.



    • Hi Irvin,

      So glad you enjoyed the post! The infographic didn’t specify where the stats were from so they may be from Canada and The United States. We love posting infographics on the blog because they’re a great way to break down data into something visually appealing. We find people respond well to visual data.

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